Veneto Food and Wine – A journey along Torcolato and Breganze Wine Road

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Veneto Food and wine? A true love story! Today we take you on a journey along the Torcolato and Breganze Wine Road, a food and wine trail through the province of Vicenza, passing through the DOC1 tradition, its history, wine and spirits tradition.

The territory of Vicenza is renowned for its DOC/DOP (registered designation of origin and protected designation of origin) products, making it a hub for food and wine enthusiasts. The Torcolato road runs through this region, producing over 15 DOC wines and other controlled products such as Asiago cheese, Grappa, extra virgin olive oil, Bassano white asparagus, Marostica cherries, Torresani di Breganze, and Baccalà alla Vicentina. It’s a world of gastronomic delights waiting to be discovered!

The route starts from Piovene Rocchette and includes a stop in Lugo to visit two famous villas by Palladio. Then the itinerary develops between plains and hills in the surroundings of Breganze, with a stop in Bassano del Grappa to taste the famous distillates. The Asiago plateau is worth mentioning in this food scene for its cheese.

Veneto Food and Wine – Historical Hamlets

  • Breganze is an ancient-fortified town located along the road to the Asiago Plateau. There are many wineries in the surrounding hills that offer beautiful glimpses of vineyards. There is also a wine shop in the town where you can see the complete collection of DOC labels. Important wine events include the Wine Festival in May and Prima del Torcolato in January.
    Winemaking tradition: the grape vine found only in this restricted area, is undoubtedly Vespaiola, a white berry grape that owes its name to the fatal attraction it causes in wasps, due to its aromas and high sugar concentration. Following World War II, the region underwent a significant period of wine-making development, ultimately leading to Breganze being acknowledged and granted DOC (Denominazione di Origine Controllata) recognition for its wines. Currently, there are 16 DOC Breganze wines, including Vespaiolo and Torcolato, a wine gem of the Vicenza hills.

    • Sandrigo is located on the confluence of a verdant area and a dry plain that is perfect for wine production. Vineyards thrive on the banks of the Astico River. Events include the Baccalà week in late September, sponsored by the Venerable Confraternity.
    • Marostica is a medieval town with many imposing walls and two castles. The legend of the beautiful Lionora is still alive in the famous living figure chess game held every two years. The town is famous for its cherries, which have been recognized with the Protected Geographical Indication. In April there is the spectacle of the flowering hills, and between May and June there are many market fairs.
    • Bassano del Grappa is an ancient city from the glance is extraordinary, with houses crowding around the Ponte Vecchio, the Castle and Cathedral above and Monte Grappa in the background. The city is famous for its art pottery, goldsmithing and spirits. White asparagus is the city’s gastronomic pride and is featured in many recipes, such as a delicate risotto.

Veneto Food and Wine – A world to be experienced first-hand

  • Visit wineries: The province of Vicenza is rich in wineries that produce high quality wines. Wineries offer tours and wine tastings, which can be a unique experience for wine lovers. We recommend a visit to the Beato Bartolomeo Breganze Winery.
  • Grappa tasting: Vicenza is renowned for its distillates, which have been a specialty of the region for centuries. Bassano del Grappa, in particular, is famous for its historic stills, renowned for producing high-quality grappa and other distillates. The distillery tradition in the Vicenza area is alive and thriving, with continuous development and innovation. We recommend a visit to the Nardini Distillery.
  • Nature walks: The province of Vicenza is surrounded by hills and mountains that offer breathtaking scenery. You can walk or hike in nature to discover the treasures of this province. Read our article dedicated to the most picturesque walks to do with your family.
  • Attend cultural events: The province of Vicenza is home to many cultural events, including festivals, concerts, and theater performances. These events offer an opportunity to discover the region’s vibrant cultural life and participate in exciting moments. Read our article to find out what are the best music advents in Vicenza province this summer.

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  1. Certification applied to Italian wines (literally Controlled Designation of Origin) 

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