Grappa Tasting with guided visit at Grapperia Nardini

Discover the essence of grappa-making at Nardini in Bassano. Immerse in history, tasting Grappa Bianca, Riserva, Amaro, Tagliatella, and Acqua di Cedro. Expertly guided, it's a fusion of tradition and innovation.

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2-20 Pax


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– Step into Italy’s first distillery beneath the iconic Palladian Alpini Bridge in Bassano.
– Immerse yourself in the history, passion, and tradition that gave birth to Nardini’s legacy.
– Embark on a sensory adventure in grappa and liqueurs. Expert guides share captivating stories, turning your tasting into an immersion into the art, history, and passion behind Nardini’s renowned distillates.


Indulge in an unforgettable journey into the heart of grappa-making as you step into Italy’s first distillery: Nardini, nestled right under the iconic Bassano bridge “Ponte degli Alpini” by Palladio. This is a must-visit destination in Bassano, where tradition and innovation blend harmoniously to create the finest spirits.

Upon entering the old distillery, you’ll be transported back in time among old marble floors, a large wooden counter, alembics and shelves full of neatly lined bottles to breathe the history, passion and tradition behind the very place where it all began. Guided through different rooms with breathtaking views of the bridge and surrounding panorama, you’ll learn about the fascinating history of Nardini, its deep connection to Bassano and all the secrets that hide behind this cherished Italian spirit. You will learn how Nardini played a crucial role in the distillery process, as for the first time in history it was no longer the distiller with a mobile still going to the farmers, but the winegrowers themselves bringing in the pomace for the production of grappa right here in Bassano.

After the insightful visit, it’s time for the moment you’ve been waiting for – the tasting. Begin with the flagship Grappa Bianca, a smooth and refined delight that embodies the time-honored tradition that has made Nardini an esteemed name in the world of grappa.

Next, savor the Grappa Riserva 3 Years, a well-matured spirit boasting an aromatic bouquet and velvety texture. Each sip is a celebration of craftsmanship and expertise, a testament to Nardini’s commitment to perfection.

Following on you will be tasting the Amaro. Let the botanical notes of orange, gentian root and mint dance on your palate, leaving a lingering freshness of mint and liquorice.

Experience the surprising nuances of the Tagliatella, a unique liqueur characterised by floral fragrances and subtle hints of spices. Grappa, sour cherry, orange and herbs are the key ingredients in this precious recipe guarded by the Nardini family.

Finally, delight in the refreshing finale of the Acqua di Cedro. Intense, crystalline, and clean, this liquor brings out all the freshness of the citron fruit, with its intense citrusy aroma. A clean, regenerating flavour like a gentle summer breeze, leaving you with a bright and invigorating aftertaste.

Throughout the tasting, a knowledgeable expert will be your guide, sharing captivating stories and insights into the world of Nardini’s renowned spirits. It’s an experience that goes beyond the senses, immersing you in the history, artistry, and passion that have made Nardini Grapperia a symbol of Italian excellence.

Join us on this journey of tradition and innovation, where centuries-old techniques meet modern craftsmanship.

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  • Visit to the historical places of the Nardini Grapperia;
  • Tasting of the Distillery’s iconic products: Grappa Bianca, Grappa Riserva 3 Years, Amaro, Tagliatella, Acqua di Cedro.

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