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Looking for the best restaurant in Vicenza? In this historically rich and culturally vibrant city, you will find a variety of exceptional dining establishments that offer unique culinary experiences. Among them, three restaurants stand out as true gems: Rumori Polpetteria, Angolo Palladio, and Bar Borsa.

Searching for a restaurant in Vicenza? Rumori Polpetteria is a must-visit

Back in 2013, the first chapter of their adventure began with the birth of Rumori Strani in Treviso. This enchanted venue, a kind of refuge, resounded with lively and passionate notes from young independent artists. The name itself, Rumori Strani, evoked memories of a music contest thriving in the heart of Treviso in the 80s.

However, their passion extended beyond music. In 2019, the Rumori project expanded further, inspiring them to bring their unique experience and character to new culinary contexts. This led to a creative spark in the middle of 2015: reinventing a traditional dish in a modern way. Thus, La Polpetta was born.

Since then, their gastronomic proposal has experienced continuous growth. Today, their restaurants offer over twenty variations of meatballs, a delightful symphony of flavors ranging from meat to fish, vegetarian to vegan options, and even unconventional sweet versions. Each season brings unique and fascinating culinary creations to their menus.

The success of their first restaurant opened new doors: in 2018, a cutting-edge, CE-certified laboratory was established, centralizing the production of their exquisite dishes. And it doesn’t end there—another restaurant has triumphantly made its entrance in Vicenza, carrying forward their vision and dedication to the culinary arts.

Looking for a restaurant in Vicenza? Discover Angolo Palladio

Situated in the charming setting of Vicenza, where Venetian culture and historical art harmoniously blend, Angolo Palladio offers an enchanting dining experience. The philosophy that permeates this restaurant is a captivating mix of tradition and innovation, where simplicity meets attention to detail, and taste is coupled with spontaneity. Guests who choose to immerse themselves in a culinary journey at this unique venue breathe in the authenticity of Vicenza’s deepest values, taking with them a piece of this magical city, as Angolo Palladio becomes the home for anyone seeking to savor its essence.

The story of Angolo Palladio has unfolded through the tireless commitment and dedication of its team, accumulating vast experience in the restaurant and wine art sector. The warm and genuine welcome extended to guests reflects the restaurant’s philosophy, creating a welcoming and inviting atmosphere for anyone venturing into this enchanting space.

Planning to dine out? Visit Bar Borsa, a renowned restaurant and jazz club in Vicenza

The majestic arches of the famous Basilica di Andrea Palladio have stood as a vital centerpiece in the vibrant Venetian city for centuries. Within this extraordinary backdrop lies Bar Borsa, a culinary gem with sophisticated design and an international atmosphere. Every detail is meticulously curated, creating a warm and informal environment that plays with bright design to enhance each aspect.

Cuisine takes center stage at Bar Borsa, offering avant-garde, refined, and delightful dishes that ingeniously reinterpret traditional flavors with surprising twists. The wine list showcases a prestigious selection of Italian and international wineries. Skilled bartenders curate a diverse range of refined beverages, ensuring a memorable dining experience.

But Bar Borsa is not only renowned for its gastronomic prestige. It is also celebrated for its sophisticated musical selection, catering to a diverse audience. Through the House of Groove project, Bar Borsa transforms into a lively music club, hosting a rich program of events. From jazz to various other musical genres, the performances promise excitement, featuring international guests, local emerging talents, and exclusive album premieres.

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Don’t miss out on this opportunity to savor the authentic essence of Vicenza. Join us on this culinary exploration and let the flavors of this magical city captivate your taste buds. Book your tour with Exploro today and get ready for a remarkable dining experience in the charming city of Vicenza.

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