7 Travel Tips to explore Bassano del Grappa, Italy

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Enchanted medieval atmosphere, romantic narrow streets teeming with small stores, bars and local artisans. Not to mention the gastronomic scene, known throughout the region. What is it worth to explore in Bassano del Grappa, Italy? Starting from its landmarks to its hidden corners, here are 7 exciting ideas and travel tips to enrich your stay.

1- Stroll along the Old Bridge (Ponte Vecchio)

The real star of Bassano del Grappa is undoubtedly the Ponte Vecchio (Old Bridge) or Ponte Degli Alpini. The original was built in the 16th century by Andrea Palladio and swept over many times by floods and wars! Each time, the bridge was rebuilt, sticking to the original project. The bridge has become so much a part of the local imagination that the inhabitants have even dedicated a love song to it: Sul Ponte di Bassano.

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Visit the bridge at different times of the day: there will be different lights and colors from sunrise to sunset. The view of the river is fantastic!

2-Taste the tradition of grappa at Nardini Distillery

Bassano del Grappa is considered the “capital” of the famous distilled spirit, grappa. A must-visit destination for any grappa enthusiast is the Nardini Distillery, the oldest distillery in Italy, established in 1779, which was the year of the first production of Italian grappa, as we know it today. During a visit to the Nardini Distillery, you can take a journey through the various steps that lead to the production of grappa and taste some of the selections.

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3-Scout out the best views of the city and the Alps

Bassano del Grappa is one of the most picturesque cities in Italy for its enchanting views. To get the best view of the Old Bridge, reach the modern bridge in Viale Armando Diaz. You will be able to admire the beautiful skyline of the city with the Palladio Bridge and the Italian Alps behind you.

For the best view of the mountains, head to Viale dei Martiri. This tree-lined avenue hides a sad history. In 1944, German Nazis and Italian fascists hanged 31 young partisans. Today, the avenue gives us a beautiful view of the riverfront, framed by the trees planted to remember the fallen.

4-Buy a book at the Palazzo Roberti Bookstore

If you love books, you can’t miss this stop: Palazzo Roberti Bookstore. Architecture lovers will also fall in love with it. The bookstore is located inside an 18th-century palace owned by the Manfrotto family, the same family who runs the store.

The palace is rich in stories and legends. Apparently, Napoleon also stayed here! Today, the bookstore is spread over three floors. The first two display books, while the third, the Piano Nobile, is used for special occasions. Some beautifully restored frescoes adorn the walls. Reading a book here is something unique!

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5-Discover local crafts and goldsmithing

Goldsmithing has truly ancient origins in the province of Vicenza. As early as the Middle Ages there were more than 150 goldsmiths throughout the province! Today this tradition is handed down from generation to generation. Aurum Gioielli is right in the heart of Bassano del Grappa and is a great starting point to discover local craftsmanship. Here you will find experts like Sergio and his staff, not just salespeople, who are ready to take you through the goldsmithing tradition of the Veneto region through timeless jewelry.

6-Stay overnight in a charming Veneto-style hotel

Bassano del Grappa is a historical city that offers plenty to do. To relax at the end of a busy day, we recommend moving just outside the city center, staying overnight in one of the villas used as hotels.

Bassano Ca’ Sette Hotel and Restaurant is an 18th-century Venetian jewel, now transformed into a hotel at its contemporary and elegant interior. Surrounded by a sumptuous garden, the hotel hosts you in an upscale setting, where you can visit the old 16th-century cellar with its exposed brick and vaulted ceiling and dine at its restaurant. A combination of ancient and modern!

7-Visit the city from a new perspective joining a local tour

Bassano del Grappa and its surroundings have always been a source of inspiration for diverse entrepreneurial mindset. Discovering the Bassano identity and “Bassano style” is one of the best ways to discover the city from a different perspective. Bassano KM quadro Association is a real institution in the Bassano area. It aims to make Bassano’s identity known by enhancing some thematic routes that promote the city’s lifestyle and entrepreneurial spirit. With local insiders you can get to know the most authentic soul of the city!

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