Hiking trails in Asiago, Italy – For a dive into Great War History

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As you make your way up the steep road of ten hairpin bends, you will arrive at the breathtaking Asiago, Italy, a well-known Plateau in the Veneto Region. Also known as “dei Sette Comuni” (Seven Municipalities), the plateau is a magnificent landscape of vast meadows, tall bell towers, and a crown of evocative peaks. Here, you can enjoy a variety of fun sports activities, from short walks and hikes to more adventurous descents on mountain bikes and skiing in the winter. Moreover, the Asiago Plateau is a unique open-air museum, as it holds a great deal of history from the First World War. While you walk along the nature trails, you will come across fortresses, tunnels, and communication trenches, which will take you back in time to the battles between the Italian and Austrian fronts that occurred in 1915. Many of the trenches are now covered with the colorful flowers that bloom in the meadows, a tribute to those who lost their lives during the war.

Discover the most breathtaking trails in Asiago by retracing the footsteps of World War I.

Asiago, Italy amidst rock formations and trenches – Mount Fior and Castelgomberto

Searching for the main sites of the Great War, Mount Fior and Castelgomberto trail is undoubtedly the most significant hiking path. It is a loop hike, which you can choose to go clockwise and counterclockwise, which takes you to Mount Fior and Castelgomberto on Melette di Foza, through the City of Rock. Mount Fior is a unique opportunity to admire the views, but also to travel back in time. During the war, this mountain was called “the key to the Highlands”. A real book of geology and history, step by step!

Starting point: Malga Slapeur (Gallio)

Trail: CAI 861

Ring route: the clockwise tour first takes you to Mount Castelgomberto and then to Mount Fior and, finally, the City of Rock.

Historical interest: At the end of the spring of 1916 the Austrian offensive “Strafexpedition” hit the Plateau of the Seven Municipalities. Climbing to Monte Fior, the view is jaw-dropping: a deep trench, like an open wound, winds up the mountain.


  • Top of Mount Castelgomberto: from the war memorial you can enjoy a breathtaking view. On clearer days, you can push your gaze as far as Marmolada in the Dolomites.
  • The City of Rock: admire these rock formations that are layered to create extraordinary natural monuments.

Technical details

  • Level: medium
  • Elevation gain: 350 m (1150 feet)
  • Duration: 5 hrs.
  • Length: 14 km (9 miles)

Asiago, Italy along mule tracks and natural stone ledges – Mount Cengio

Mount Cengio stands tall and proud, looking down on the valley. In the past, troops could use a mule track to reach the top and stay safe from Austrian artillery. Along the way, you can admire pathways and tunnels that have been carved into the rock. You will walk the same mule track created in 1917, with its natural ledges and tunnels – a surreal atmosphere.

Starting point: Piazzale Principe di Piemonte (Cogollo del Cengio)

Trail: CAI 651

Historical interest: During the Spring Offensive of 1916, Monte Cengio became notorious as the location where the Sardinia Grenadiers steadfastly held back the advancing Austro-Hungarian troops.

Highlight: The last part of the hike is the most impressive as it opens into viewing windows within the tunnel to Pennella Square. At the peak, you can take in a stunning view that stretches out to the horizon across the entire Asiago Plateau.

Technical details

  • Level: medium
  • Elevation gain: 200 m (656 feet)
  • Duration: 3 h
  • Length: 6 km (4 miles)

Asiago Italy, trails through art and memory – the Path of Silence

In Asiago, Italy, there is a remarkable trail that follows the footsteps of World War I. This path will take you on a journey of remembrance and leads to the Campomuletto refuge, which is surrounded by beech and fir trees. Ten works of art by Diego Morlin are displayed along the way, encouraging contemplation. The tranquil atmosphere of the untouched area serves as a reminder of the sorrowful events of the Great War. This trail is easy enough for a family outing.

Starting point: Plain of Campomuletto (Gallio)

Highlight: As you walk by, you will find yourself immersed in a variety of works of art, including wooden prisons, rows of crosses, arms raised to the sky, steel flowers, and large silhouettes of soldiers that seem to be still engaged in a battle. All of these works are designed to encourage reflection upon who we have been, who we are, and where we are going.

Technical details

  • Level: simple
  • Duration: 1 h
  • Length: 2 km (1 mile)

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For history buffs, as well as sport enthusiasts and nature-lovers, exploring the trails of Asiago, Italy allows you to witness and interact with remnants of history first-hand! You’ll come across dense forests, gentle inclines, mountain meadows, and pastures as you traverse the area.

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