Vicenza Tour – The vibrant Hub of Veneto’s Craftsmanship

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Take a Vicenza tour to discover the Veneto’s craftsmanship of the Veneto. Vicenza is a city rich in art masterpieces created by great artists, but also in small wonders created by the artisans who have made the city’s history. 

Starting at the Ponte degli Angeli, an ancient artifact of Roman origin, you walk along Piazza Matteotti, overlooked by one of Palladio’s most beautiful palaces, Palazzo Chiericati. Here we enter the Rione delle barche, the first symbolic place of our itinerary. 

Craft workshops in the Barche District 

The Rione delle Barche (Boat District) is one of Vicenza’s oldest and most picturesque historical neighborhoods, located between the Retrone River and the Basilica of Monte Berico. This neighborhood takes its name from the boats that once sailed on the Retrone River to transport goods to the city.

The Rione delle Barche is a maze of narrow streets, alleys and courtyards, home to ancient artisan workshops and small businesses. Here you can breathe in the authentic and traditional atmosphere of Vicenza, where ancient crafts and traditions, handed down from generation to generation, are still preserved. Workshops in weaving, ceramics, handmade paper, ironworking, goldsmithing and wooden furniture making. The Rione delle Barche is a perfect place to stroll around and discover the hidden treasures of the city of Vicenza, including craft workshops, historical architecture and ancient churches.

Piazza delle Erbe, the commercial heart of Veneto’s craft industry 

Piazza delle Erbe is one of Vicenza’s most important squares and has been the commercial heart of the city since the Middle Ages. Its historical importance dates back to the Roman period, when the square served as a place of exchange and trade of agricultural products.

To this day, the square is still bustling with a market held every weekday, where fresh, high-quality produce from the surrounding countryside can be purchased. 

But the Piazza delle Erbe is not only a marketplace, it is also a cultural and tourist landmark of the city. It is home to many historic buildings, including Palazzo della Ragione, Loggia del Capitaniato, and Torre di Piazza, which bear witness to Vicenza’s history and culture. It is a meeting point for Vicenza locals and travelers who want to immerse themselves in city life, taste local products and admire the architectural beauty of the historic center.

Follow us to discover the soul of Veneto’s craftsmanship in Vicenza!

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