Bassano del Grappa, Italy – 3 must-see Jewels you cannot miss

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Nestled in the heart of Veneto lies a unique region where the air is infused with the essence of history and culture. If you find yourself spending a day in Bassano del Grappa, aside from getting lost in its charming narrow streets, make sure to take a journey back in time to explore the three local gems that embody the identity of this area and tell its story firsthand.

Get lost in the timeless beauty of the Palazzo Roberti Bookshop

As you step through the ancient gateway, you enter one of Bassano’s true treasures. Palazzo Roberti Library, considered one of the most beautiful in Europe, beckons with rooms adorned with stucco, Venetian floors, and wooden beams. The hallway overlooks an interior staircase, where the two statues of Marinali stand guard, while the Asiago marble staircase leads to the mezzanine, which enchants visitors with its timeless charm. On the main floor, one can admire the frescoes depicting Antony and Cleopatra. A fascinating tidbit: it is rumored that Napoleon Bonaparte stayed in the green room! Allow yourself to be transported to this world of books, where time seems to stand still and culture permeates every corner.

This location is a significant landmark for the city and the surrounding region, due to its vast collection of titles covering all fields of publishing. Originally a 17th-century aristocratic palace owned by the Manfrotto family and utilized as a private residence, the building has been revitalized through its conversion into a spacious, independent bookstore.

Additionally, the bookstore serves as a gathering place for the community, hosting events such as author talks, lectures, classical music concerts, and photography exhibitions.

Insight – Literary Review “Resistere”

The literary review “Resistere” is not just a simple book presentation but an annual event that offers a platform for meeting and exchange, where participants can share ideas and opinions on the pressing issues of our times. The event provides a unique opportunity to explore, discuss, and reflect together on the society in which we live.

For further information on the Resist Review, please visit the Palazzo Roberti Bookstore website. Program details for the 2023 edition will be announced soon.

Discover the handcrafted beauty of Carteria Tassotti

Carteria Tassotti is a hidden gem located on Via Ferracina, close to the Ponte Vecchio in Bassano del Grappa. This public outlet of the Grafiche Tassotti Printworks provides visitors with the chance to explore and purchase the company’s entire production. With a history spanning over 60 years, the print shop has taken over the old Remondini business, establishing itself as an ambassador of the “Made in Italy” brand and an internationally recognized leader in the high-end stationery sector.

Carteria Tassotti is a magical destination where beauty, quality, and art converge into an unforgettable experience. The shop features a vast array of decorative papers, art prints, greeting cards, stationery gifts, and local editions. Additionally, in the upper room, visitors can marvel at the Remondini Review, a private collection of original Remondini prints belonging to the Tassotti family, which is part of the Italian Printing and Paper Museum Association. From this vantage point, visitors can also enjoy a breathtaking view of the restored Palladian Bridge.

Insight – Remondini Printing Museum

Palazzo Sturm is home to the Printing Museum, which is dedicated to Bassano’s renowned family of graphic entrepreneurs, the Remondinis. Visitors can marvel at their printing press and learn about their impressive legacy. The Remondinis were a true industrial institution that amassed their fortune between the 17th and 19th centuries. Their engravings established iconographic models that helped to create a nearly universal visual representation of stories, places, and even cults. The exhibition takes visitors on an immersive journey through the Remondinis’ complete body of work, which includes books, decorated maps, folk engravings, games, optical views, and the etchings and woodcuts of the great Italian and European engravers.

Take a journey of tradition, history and innovation at Distilleria e Grapperia Nardini

On April 16, 1779, Bortolo Nardini transformed an age-old “nomadic” peasant practice into a refined art of distillation, establishing Italy’s first distillery with an adjoining Grapperia at the outskirts of Ponte Vecchio. Today, Grapperia e Distilleria Nardini remains a historic and iconic establishment that exudes a unique ambiance steeped in tradition.

Perched on the banks of the Brenta River, Grapperia Nardini has preserved its allure and authenticity over time. This vibrant and cross-cultural establishment serves as a meeting point for Bassano locals and travelers alike, who come to savor the magic and history of a product that symbolizes an entire nation: Nardini Grappa. Visitors can indulge in a tasting of Nardini Grappa, crafted using traditional methods and the finest natural ingredients, and also learn about the process of distillation and aging of grappa.

Insight – Fuksas Bubbles

Even now, 225 years after its inception, the heirs of the founders continue to lead the Nardini company, demonstrating a steadfast commitment to the traditions and quality that have always been at the core of their grappa production. In 2004, to commemorate this significant milestone, Giuseppe and Cristina Nardini decided to bestow upon their city a magnificent contemporary architectural structure that would complement the beauty of the Palladian Covered Bridge featured on their grappa labels. Thus, architect Massimiliano Fuksas conceived the Bolle, suspended circular structures that serve as a gathering place for grappa enthusiasts, accommodating meetings and events. The new architecture of Grapperia Nardini affords a unique and evocative experience, where the allure of modern design is harmoniously united with the passion and quality of Nardini grappa.

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Tour with visit to stunning Venetian villas and wine tasting

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Food Tour of Bassano with sommelier

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