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Easily reachable from Vicenza, Asiago is a magical place nestled among the Venetian mountains, where untouched nature and culture merge to create a unique and unforgettable atmosphere. But what makes Asiago even more special is its welcoming and inclusive community, which strives to welcome visitors from all over the world and meet their needs.

And when we say “all,” we mean everyone as Asiago is a destination that is committed to offering a tailor-made stay for every visitor, regardless of their abilities. Cycling, skiing, trekking, and many other activities become accessible to all thanks to the skill and passion of instructors and guides who work tirelessly to provide an extraordinary experience for visitors of every ability.

A special place where every visitor feels welcomed and appreciated.

Discover the most authentic local experiences

Discover the most authentic local experiences. Asiago is nature, sports, relaxation, flavors, and history to be experienced and discovered in every corner of the Altopiano. We have selected the best local experiences that can make you live this destination, passing through its mountain huts, trenches, farms, and forests. From walking under the stars, to tasting cheese in the most authentic mountain huts, to bike tours with breathtaking views, you will experience the soul of this destination and stay in the best hotels in the area.
Asiago in bici tra Storia, Natura ed Enogastronomia_5

225 €


Four day bike adventure in Asiago for experiences bikers

Experience a thrilling adventure on the Asiago Plateau with this 4-day bike package, exploring WWI sites, local products, and nature trails.
Tre giorni ad Asiago tra bici, malghe e natura_8

175 €


3 days of Nature and Relaxation on the Asiago Plateau

Experience an authentic and delightful immersion in the beauty of the mountains, with trekking, farm visits, relaxation, and good food.

190 €


Asiago by Bike: 3 days Through History, Nature, and Gastronomy

Discover the Asiago Plateau on a bike holiday with routes suitable for all levels, among mountain dairies, unspoiled nature, and traces of the First World War.

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