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Are you looking for a Venetian villa as venue to organize a team building event in Vicenza? Elevate your team in a unique setting, Cappella La Rotonda. Step into the realm of history and extraordinary architecture at the Chapel of La Rotonda. This 17th-century gem, located in Vicenza, is the perfect place to harness your team’s potential and promote collaboration.

In the enchanting fusion of Palladio and Tiepolo, between the renowned Rotonda and the majestic Villa Valmarana ai Nani, stands a place with ancient charm yet contemporary allure. This 17th-century chapel, originally built to complement the magnificent Rotonda and later incorporated into the park of Villa Valmarana ai Nani, experienced a period of obscurity before returning to the limelight, completely restored, as a versatile space ideal for hosting unique events: cultural gatherings, corporate meetings, public presentations, exclusive dinners, and private celebrations.

Venetian Villa – A Bit of History

Let’s talk about the Chapel of La Rotonda: a place where you can literally walk through history, breathe wonder, and experience beauty. It was back in 1645 when Count Marzio Capra, the owner of La Rotonda, approached the Government of the Serenissima Republic to request permission to “build a church near my country villa called La Rotonda, which will not exceed thirty feet in width and sixty feet in length.”

The desire to complete Palladio’s architectural work with a chapel was clearly expressed by Paolo Almerico, the commissioner and first owner of the villa, in his will. Thus, around 1650, this small yet precious private oratory was built, ingeniously positioned along the axis connecting the main entrance of the villa to the complex of the barchessa designed by Vincenzo Scamozzi to complete the Palladian project.

The architect and sculptor Girolamo Albanese was entrusted with the design of the chapel, including the stuccos and statue arrangements, with the assistance of Antonio Pizzocaro, who later became the most active architect in 17th-century Vicentine art.

Decades later, during the progressive 18th century, the Valmarana family completed Villa Valmarana ai Nani as we know it today, thanks to the architectural interventions by Francesco Muttoni and the magnificent cycle of Tiepolo frescoes. The chapel changed hands, becoming an integral part of the extensive park of Villa Valmarana ai Nani, creating a visual and conceptual bridge between the two significant residences in Vicenza: the renowned Rotonda by Palladio in front and the masterpieces of Tiepolo behind.

Today, the Chapel of La Rotonda stands as a carefully restored ancient building, equipped with all modern comforts. This versatile space is located just a short distance from one of the world’s most precious sites and can accommodate a wide range of events. Its monumental grandeur blends with an intimate and serene atmosphere, creating a unique environment that captivates visitors.

Venetian Villa – Team Building in Vicenza

In addition to being a place of invaluable artistic and historical value, the Chapel of La Rotonda is also an ideal venue for organizing corporate events and team building activities. With its privileged location and the evocative atmosphere that surrounds it, it offers a fascinating backdrop where companies can foster collaboration, strengthen team bonds, and cultivate relationships among participants.

Imagine conducting a team building event immersed in the historical and architectural beauty of this extraordinary place. The Chapel of La Rotonda provides you with the opportunity to tailor team building activities to meet your company’s specific needs. You can organize engaging challenges, problem-solving activities, and team games that encourage effective communication, collaboration, and cohesion. Participants will have a unique experience enriched by the surrounding beauty and historical significance of the environment.

Whether you want to enhance team relationships, improve communication, or stimulate creativity among your employees, the Chapel of La Rotonda offers an unparalleled atmosphere for your corporate team building. With its privileged location and enveloping aura, this versatile space allows you to customize team building activities to meet your company’s specific requirements.

Furthermore, the Chapel of La Rotonda serves as an ideal setting for a wide range of corporate events. Its elegant and captivating atmosphere provides a unique environment for press conferences, product presentations, workshops, and seminars. Participants will have the opportunity to savor the art and history that permeate this place, adding an element of inspiration and creativity to their professional experiences.

Choose the Chapel of La Rotonda as the backdrop for your team building and transform a simple corporate event into a memorable experience. This extraordinary venue allows you to blend the beauty, art, and practicality of corporate activities, creating a stimulating and engaging environment.

Be inspired by its grandeur and unique atmosphere, and embark on unforgettable corporate experiences in the heart of art and history.

Villa La Rotonda, Palladio’s Symbol

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